About The Book of Wonder

The Book of Wonder

13.8 billion years ago, something happened. The universe emerged from a realm of mystery. It seems that every day scientists push back the veil a little bit farther, but many mysteries remain about our origin. Roll the clock forward, march downward through the years, centuries, millennia, eons and watch wonder after wonder unfold before your eyes. This universe is a marvel. There is so much to see, so much to explore, so much to learn, and so much joy to be had throughout the process of discovery.

There is more to this world than what you come into contact with day after day. On just our own planet today there are countless varieties of plants and animals – not to mention all those that have gone on before. There are peoples and nations, languages and cultures, beliefs and practices. There are religions, philosophies, ethical systems. There are trinkets and treasures, gadgets and gizmos. So much to see.

A Bit About the Site

The Book of Wonder began as the personal website of former Southern Baptist pastor Chris Roberts but has since grown to include additional contributors. Together, we believe that religion, whatever its uses in the past, is best relegated to the dustheap of history. Life is too short and the universe is too perilous to continue in a fantasy world. We must move forward into this amazing universe with eyes wide open with wonder and awareness of that which is real.

We want you to enjoy this site and our musings. When we work together, when we learn together, we become more than we were.