Molly Burkemper

I was raised Roman Catholic until I lost my faith during my college years. Now a staunch atheist, I enjoy reading and discussing apologetics and related topics within the philosophy of religion. I'm happy to talk to nearly anyone on nearly any topic, so long as it's interesting.

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Jason Eden

Jason Eden's life journey took him from conservative Southern Baptist preacher, youth minister, worship leader, and Christian apologist to becoming a naturalist atheist. He is married to a loving, patient woman and is the father of two children who serve as consistent reminders of the amazing power of human potential. Professionally, he works as an engineer in the fields of big data and cloud computing.

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Chris Roberts

I am Chris Roberts, previously known as Pastor Chris. Until recently, I blogged under the name Charles Henry. I served for several years in Southern Baptist churches before growing increasingly skeptical of religion in general and Christianity in particular. I became a convinced atheist, left the church, and have spent my time since then working in unrelated fields while reading anything I can get my hands on.

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