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Pluto: The Journey Begins

Written By | July 13, 2015 | Posted in Space Program | No Comments

The New Horizons probe is already closer to Pluto than any human object has ever been. Tomorrow, July 14, it will reach its closest point in a flyby that will involve a flurry of scientific activity. It will take a year for all of New Horizons’ data to be downloaded to Earth. Long-term, New Horizons is heading for the Kuiper belt where, it is hoped, we will be able to perform similar examinations of objects beyond Pluto.

Surprisingly, I have seen several tweets and comments around the interwebs speaking as though the Pluto mission marks an ending point of the exploration of space. Not that we will not keep exploring, but that New Horizons marks the limits of what humans can achieve. I beg to differ. Emphatically.


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